Our Customers’ Stories

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Amy House

Beltone Customer and Fan

My hearing loss has made for some pretty funny situations in my life. One day I was driving my daughter to school and she said, 'Mom, we have to go to the supermarket.' And I said, 'why do you need a superman cape?' Things like that don't happen as often as they used to. We're all glad I went to Beltone.

Happy Hearing Instrument Customer at Beltone NewfoundlandLynn
Beltone Customer and Fan

It's a great little piece of gear. My neighbours will be thrilled.

Hearing Aid Customer at Beltone NewfoundlandPat
Beltone Customer and Fan

You shouldn't talk while you eat. Now I'm boring all my friends.

Beltone Newfoundland Hearing Aid CustomersTony
Beltone Customer and Fan

Now he's hands-free driving all the time. For general everyday activities, Tony can hear better - no matter what he's doing.

Beltone Newfoundland hearing aid client
Cecil Penney

Beltone Customer and Fan

I used to misinterpret words, big time. Before I got the Beltone True, it was really frustrating trying to communicate. I even pick up on tiny nuances now. My wife's happy that my interpretation 'boo-boos' are a thing of the past. Well ... pretty much anyway!

Hear Pat's Story

"There are things that I hear now - birds, conversation when you're in a crowd ... Now, I'm part of that conversation."



" They don't take up a lot of your time. I didn't realize how quick I would have my hearing aids."



Hearing Aid Customer at our Newfoundland Hearing Aid Clinic
Kevin Harris

Beltone Customer and Fan

There’s 7 kids in my family, 6 of us wearing hearing aids, and we all deal with Beltone.  You go in there and you actually feel like they care about it.  Any time I walk in there, Paul, Ros, Joe, Mike, Laurie ... they actually have the time, if I need 5 minutes, if I need half an hour. You always feel like they want to help.  The aftersales service is second to none, there’s no doubt about that.

Beltone Hearing Aid Practitioner and Client
Patti Pitcher

Beltone Customer and Fan

There are so many little things that you don't even know you're missing. And then when you can hear them, it's like a gift. I sat at the beach for 2-1/2 hours listening to waves hit the rocks. I didn't know they made noise!

Happy Hearing Aid Customer at Beltone NewfoundlandDora

Beltone Customer and Fan

It's even easier than wearing earrings. I think you can get them in pink!

Beltone Customer and Fan

My buddies just couldn't believe it. You've got to try them to believe it.


Hear Gordon's Story:

"For years my wife told me, 'you've got a hearing problem.'"



"A lot of men will deny that they're going deaf."



Hear Lori's Story:

"I've been working at Beltone for 15 years, and I know I make a difference in people's lives."


"Our products are wonderful. I mean, whenever you can get someone to advertise that they're wearing a hearing aid, it speaks for itself."



From an email received June, 2014:


Yesterday my 90 year old mother, Phyllis, was into your Paton Street office with my sister.

Mom has been experiencing hearing loss for the past few months – since March, for sure. These times of hearing loss are periodic but result in a  total loss of hearing for several days . In addition to her advanced age, she has medical issues now and cognition deficits – all are hugely worsened by the hearing issue.

I live in Ontario and I do not have the words to explain to you what not being able to speak to her on the phone daily means to me, suffice it to say that I am devastated when she cannot even hear my “hi Mom”.

Mom was not willing to have her hearing checked and refused to have her family doctor clear her ears. She was not at all cooperative about this matter which made it all much worst!  There was no reasoning with her! ( so unlike the Mom we had for 88 years!)

Which brings me to the point:

On Friday past my sister spoke to a friend and this matter came up in conversation. He suggested  we contact your office given that Mon was a client. We did this and explained our dilemma. The staff were supportive and made us feel as if they cared – how terrific that felt! There was no doctor available on Friday afternoon so we were encouraged to contact the office Monday morning, which we did  and were told to bring her in after lunch.

Joe handled the visit  ....  with knowledge, professionalism, genuine understanding and compassion – way beyond our expectations for good service. Suffice it to say, we have a hearing mom back as a result of an intervention by Dr. Tjan arranged totally by your staff AND all in one afternoon.

We would like to commend your company on the exceptional service level we experienced and to pass along our most sincere thanks to Joe who is clearly our hero right now! Be assured that he is an asset to your organization.

Mom’s journey over the past year or so has been difficult for both her and us to handle but the bouts of total hearing loss has been the most frustrating and difficult to deal with.  We want to express our total gratitude to Joe and the staff who made yesterday happen for us -  for the miracle we experienced with her return to good hearing.

Thank you for the support we received – exceeding customer expectations is tough work and you did it yesterday!

With sincere appreciation – Phyllis' daughters

To find out if you or someone you love has a hearing loss, please contact your local Beltone Hearing Care Professional, by calling 709-726-8083 or toll free 1-800-563-8083.